Read inspirational quotes about working well with others, helping customers find your products and learning the value of listening.


Barbara Walters On Focus

I listen … that’s the most important thing.
Barbara Walters, newscaster

Meg Whitman On Teamwork

I learned early on in my career that you could be just as effective if not more so … talking to people (instead of not soliciting input) about what you were trying to accomplish and enlisting them in the decision.

Meg Whitman, CEO Quibi, former president/CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Dietrich Mateschitz On Marketing

We don’t bring the product to the consumer, we bring the consumer to the product.
Dietrich Mateschitz, Red Bull co-founder

James Cash Penney On Service

The well-satisfied customer will bring the repeat sale that counts.
James Cash Penney, founder of J.C. Penney department store chain

Joe Guith On Collaboration

If you are not partnering, you are missing key opportunities to expand the brand.
Joe Guith, former president and CEO, Cinnabon

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