Bonus!  Watch CEO Aaron Klein prove he IS ready for primetime with February’s inaugural Video Fintech Report Card!

It should come as no surprise that Ethical-Advisor.Com supports clear, consistent conversations with Wealth Management clients about the risks in their portfolios.  As an early-ish adopter, we were amazed by the conversations that Riskalyze facilitated.  Quarterly meetings, annual reviews and prospect presentations improved exponentially for the better.  Best part, it works with any client. 

The revolutionary Risk Number is as dynamic as it is personal. Click for a Demo.

Their Mission?  “To empower the world to invest fearlessly.”  It takes a team of great thinkers and doers lead by great thinkers and doers to accomplish that ideal!  Advisors will say that Riskalyze hits the mark because it addresses the individuality of each investor.  A portfolio with an appropriate allocation based on a client’s Risk Number® is more likely to stay invested in turbulent markets than one based on a 30-year-old, paper Risk Questionnaire.  Conservative, moderate and aggressive do not cut it anymore – especially if you are a Fiduciary!!!

So cheers to the Team at Riskalyze for a Decade of good work, innovation and helping fiduciaries protect and guide wealth management clients all over the globe while distinguishing their practices from the rest of the industry.

Join a tour and see for yourself!

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