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The Business Case for Quality Promotions

Growing up, one of the main challenges I had was staying organized. I had too much stuff and loved consumerism and living a fast-paced lifestyle, so it was hard to keep organized.

As I became an adult, I started to feel that less is more. My new realization was how all these things I have could be weighing me down. Coinciding with this new attitude were innovations of the smartphone and tablets. This technology got me excited to stop collecting all this “stuff” as I can nearly get by with just the basic necessity of life plus a smartphone and tablet to create what I then thought as an optimal peaceful lifestyle.
However, I discovered the energy of an all-digital lifestyle was deeply unsatisfying; I felt a loss of connection to my spiritual side, I felt more robotic and less human. I was missing out on the beauty of life while being
dependent on these devices, all these screens, and charging cables. I found myself yearning to express my individuality more & more. I began to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of non-electronics items especially those built with quality.

I noticed a significant difference in my mood, for example, when writing in a lovely acid-free paper journal with a smooth ink writing pen and an excellent grip over typing on a plain keyboard with light beams in my face.
I’ve also appreciated using products that I would be unaware of if not for the promotional products industry. Examples that come to mind are a mouse pad with a cutout in the center to place a photo of my family, a wallet and stand I can affix to my phone, and blue light glasses to take the strain off my eyes while staring at the screen. There’s even stainless steel soap as a new way of washing without the lotion!

All these cool ideas make great gifts. The products themselves brighten up people’s moods, but also the act of gift-giving helps build relationships. Yes, it’s partially self-promotional when it has a company imprint on it but
the warm feelings it generates still happen when the gift is used correctly.
When you upgrade the level of products of what people usually use or give cool novel gifts, you are making a difference. You are making the client or employee feel more valued and helping people move about the world
more efficiently or joyfully. This all happens at the same time with increasing your brand exposure leading to great opportunities and strengthened relationships.

In this digital age, we need to balance things with quality and relevant physical products that create that sense of intimacy and human connectivity. The promotional products industry is an excellent way of making smart, targeted gifts that duel as great advertisements for your business while simultaneously helping others feel valued and upgrading their lifestyle.
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